Protocol Post Covid

Safety Stay in Argenta Tower Retiro

At ARGENTA TOWER RETIRO HOTEL WE ARE COMMITED to provide our guests a safe environment. We have elaborated an strict protocol regarding safety and hygiene measures for guests and staff, based on the recommendations provided by the OMS, the Argentinian Hotel Association, National Government and the WTTC. 

We are taking all the necessary measures to provide you an excellent experience and we hope to receive you again soon. 




We have installed a screen (flexi glass) in our Front Desk to avoid contact between staff and guests. We are also preparing a digital check in and check out process to keep minimun contact. You will find pictograms explaining the social distancing rules.

The use of masks is required at all times while in public areas of the hotel.

When you arrive at the hotel your body temperature will be measured, your luggage will be sanitized and you will have to fill a health declaration form.

You will find hidroalcoholic gel dispensers in all public areas to keep your hands sanitized at all times.

Due to the new cleaning procedures, there are new check in and check out hours. We recommend to book the previous night if you arrive in a very early flight, the same applies for late flights when you check out.

Once the check in is finished, you will be handled the room key previously sanitized with a welcome kit that includes a disposable face mask, a traveler's size hand sanitizer, and a pen.


We have increased our cleaning frequency. You will find hydroalcoholic gel in the access area to lifts and its use will be limited to family unit. You will find hydroalcoholic dispensers in all our public areas and also marks on the floor to maintain the social distancing. The use of our Sauna and Scottish Shower is not allowed by sanitary dispositions. Once it is allowed reservation and cleaning will take place between turns.


You will find a protective seal before you enter the room, which means it has been cleaned and sanitized.

We have taken from your room all possible virus transmitting elements such as kettle, papers, books, etc, which will be available upon request. You will receive welcome complimentary breakfast. Our rooms are cleaned and sanitizes with strict procedures and ANMAT approved products.


We have taken strict measures regarding product handling and receiving.

Currently we are handing a basic complimentary breakfast tray DUE TO covid protocols. This tray includes: Individual Jam, caramel (Dulce de Leche), spreadable cheese, biscuit, muffin, spongecake pudding, toasts, 200ml juice, infussions (coffee, tea, mate cocido), powder milk, sugar and sweetener.

Room service is available from 7:00 to 23:00 served by a local restaurant located directly in the corner.


Our staff wears protective elements required for each position. They have their body temperature checked and fill a daily health form.


Our linens are washed with temperatures over 60 degrees and products which guarantee any viruses elimination.

We hope that all this measures make you feel safe and relaxes, and that you enjoy holidays or business trip as you always did!

At your service, Always!